Why Cleaning is Divine…

Why Cleaning is Divine…

Great cleaning to me means removing all garbage, cleaning all surfaces and then replacing accessories, and maybe adding a plant or some flowers.  And in the process of cleaning, I find: that I have more than enough, what i have lost, and inspiration.

Removing all garbage.  This could be trash, broken objects, donate-ables (you know that awesome skirt that you never wear, that.) and then a quick scan of the behaviors that created the trash, just for balance.

More than enough.  Sometimes it’s helpful to actually look at all of the goods/trash/stuff we buy/inherit/accept/drag into our space.  And then once you clean it, you realize maybe you have enough, and just maybe you have more than enough. Amen.

Cleaning all surfaces. Walls, countertops, furniture.  Mr Clean Magic Eraser is actually what its’ label says; magic.  There is nothing better on walls and painted wood.  I also enjoy the Pledge, Windex, and White wine vinegar, but enough about me.  This is also about the time to rock out to your music.

Replacing Accessories, AKA Eye Candy.  Now, that the Garbage is gone, the surfaces clean, now all your pieces can be played with.  Have fun playing with shapes, numbers, colors and plants and flowers.

The 5th definition of Divine, is heavenly or celestial. Who doesn’t want a space that could be described as Celestial? or Heavenly?


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